Friday, September 16, 2005


Sometimes what we escape to is infinitely worse than what we escaped from.


M. Patrizio said...

oh my god, that is so weird! it is almost the same composition too! Yours is a thousand times fancier than mine :)

Don said...

Well now I REALLY have to reconsider doing this thought-line. I had planed a cartoon of an empty fish bowl and a skeleton on the floor... might still do it.

Great image, though!

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING more pathetic than a goldfish committing suicide because it HATES its bowl! If you chose an escape out of the frying pan into the fire, your fish wouldn't look so ridiculous! You have also forgotten your own reflection in the glass and water. By the way - fish HAVE SCALES! I’ll send Hellcat over to clean up your mess };-}

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Many job seekers would agree with your illo.

Rick Lovell said...

First, you must REALLY be ashamed of yourself to not use your own name.
B- this is a painting, not a photo...I can darn well put anything I want in the reflection of the bowl, OR NOT!
Third, this fish DOES have're just too blinded by your own ineptitude to see it.
D- send Hellcat over...I like cats, they taste like chicken.
Fifth, bite me.

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Sheesh is looks like Hellcat already came over here. And I feel like I can't breathe....

That poor fish. Please send Carla over to take that gold fish and Hellcat, give them much need therapy and a lovey dovey all-is-purrrfect life in the land of the blonde women.

Note to all, I can dish out this stuff, but if you "bite me" I will probably boo hoo all night and need to move in with Carla, the fish, Hellcat & the blonde chics. <: -)

(BTW did you make this?)

Rick Lovell said...

Sounds like you need a hug. All this scat-chat with "anonymous" is all for laughs, and I'm having fun with it.

As for my sad offering, it was all done in Photoshop, even the sketch. I usually start with real pencil and paper, but this time I just started in with my Wacom tablet and let it rip.
The fishbowl, water and background were entirely reference. For the poor dying fishy I looked at a photo of a live fish and just imagined how it would look on it's side gasping for oxygen.

btw; don't bite me, ok?

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Hi Rick...actually I am enjoying all of this! I love the banter w/you and Anonymous. IF needed some fun.

Your sad offering is great. My attempts are still so elemetry with my new Wacom tablet. Many thanks for how you did this. <: -)

Ditto on the bite me, for me too! your Mr Potato portrait. =^..^=

kan said...

Very cool. Thanks for the comment on how you created it. I just got the Wacom tablet too! Am like lyn on the learning curve. Who is this Hellcat...must go see...

Does Mr Potato have any other photos of himself...he is kinda cute.

kg said...

oh, yes - i like this a lot. i actually thought about this same concept, but your graphic work is scores better than anything i would have done. such a simple image - very nicely done, right down to the reflection of the fish on the bowl.

Amy said...

Ecellent work. Great use of colors. So beautiful. I can't wait to see more of your work!

Ginger *:) said...

Ah poor fishy. The comment accompanying the image is as profound as the illustration. This is beautifully done.

Carol said...

Beautiful fish, beautiful water, beautiful glass bowl. I only do "mouse art" so I can't get any results like this. Maybe I'll branch out some day.

Thanks for your nice comment on my site.

Catnapping said...

i do not taste like chicken.


Anonymous said...

First, you must REALLY be ashamed of yourself having a head like a potato. B- this is a painting, why did you try to make it like a photo minus your reflection? Third, I don't like Flickr and the scales are invisible.
D- sent Catnapping over who tastes like LILAC chicken - BLAH.
Fifth, bite napping Cat};-}

Rick Lovell said...

A- I'm NOT ashamed of my potato head. It's genetic...I can't help it, DAMMIT! Besides, it's my parents' fault.
Second- I didn't TRY to do anything. I simply DID.
C-Who cares whether you like Flickr? (I like flickers...they taste like chicken, too)
Fourth- Catnapping is my favorite kind of least they aren't crapping or barfing up furballs when they're napping. Never tried LILAC chicken, sounds a bit wimpy for my taste.
E- Maybe I'll mozie over to her place and bite her anyway.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Carla thinks I am Poo (think she is cracking) I'll ignore your new image. Obviously hasn't found a dog yet.
Rick -
A-when are you going to stop blaming your parents for EVERYTHING?
Second- You must have interesting goals in life!
C-I don't like flickers...they taste like chicken.
Fourth- Catnapping is wimpy.
E- Maybe you didn't.

Joan Lansberry said...

I think it's a cool illustration!

Swirly said...

Very interesting & thought provoking - makes me think of the quote about being careful of what you wish for.