Saturday, June 24, 2006


I like to ask my students to identify the product that's being advertised in this piece I did several years ago.

Give up? Windshield wiper blades! Duh! Everybody knows that Noah and the gang never would have made it if they hadn't tricked out the Ark with the very best wiper blades.

Here's the happy ending...
Acrylics on Illustration board

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Lately I find myself with no time to create new work for IF, so I offer these jungle animal sketches from the zoo.
Zoo Atlanta is famous for it's Lowland Gorillas. They've had a spate of recent births, and it's great fun to watch the mothers play with and tenderly care for their tiny babies. To me, though, the huge silverback named Ivan is the big draw. He is so incredibly powerful it's awe inspiring just to see him casually strolling around his compound. He makes Ah-nold look like a wuss.
A few more random sketches of jungle critters.
Sumatran Tiger and Hornbill

Cory Bustard (bird) and Bongos (antelope)

Orangutan (male)