Saturday, June 09, 2012

Clapton Portrait

I started this piece several weeks ago as a demo in my watercolor class. It uses Burt Silverman's technique of transparent watercolors and gouache on plate (or smooth) Bristol paper.
The process is quite interesting and allows for an additive and subtractive approach to painting in watercolors, and the results often resemble oil washes rather than watercolors.
10.5 X 13.5"

 I know it's a huge jump from stage three to the finished painting, because I failed to document it as often as I should have. Click on the finished version below to see a larger image.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Marty Feldman Week

This week I had some sort of a bizarre inspiration to pay tribute to Marty Feldman. For my graduate techniques class, I had them do a collage and transfer piece, so I did a quick demo, not knowing exactly where it was going to take me..that's the beauty of collage and transfer techniques which evolve and morph unexpectedly as the piece progresses. The theme for the assignment was "light", and here's what I ended up with...
Marty Feldman_web

Then, a few days later, Goñi Montes' class was about to do a portrait project using a layer isolation technique. He asked me to do a demo of that process so again, I went to my old friend Marty Feldman and drew up a caricature. He's one guy who is an actual, living caricature, so making his eyes look too big and too wacky isn't easy. At any rate, here's how it turned out...