Monday, December 01, 2008


This is a re-post of one of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade posters I've done, since it's all about balloons. It was for the 2002 parade.
For those who are curious, this is all digital, mostly Photoshop with a bit of Illustrator for the type and the general structure of the Macy's building. The poster elements, such as each character, balloon and float, were done individually in layers, flattened, and then assembled into the final poster file. The poster was 21 x 27", 400dpi, CMYK. The final print file was about 600mb, but the working file, with the main elements on individual layers was over 2gb. If all the layers of every file that went into this were counted (and they weren't), there was something in the neighborhood of 2000 layers, give or take a few hundred.
Here's a slightly larger version of the poster.
And here are the others I've done for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (these are not digital).


Chris Kennett said...

Very cool! Interesting factoids too.

Danyell said...

Oh, so you're the one who does that! :)

theartofpuro said...

Amazing art,your illo is fantastic

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

THIS IS SUPERDDUPPER COOL!!! IT's Crazy! I love it. Great style and wonderful work!!!!

Andrew W. Moir said...

This is incredible! I also appreciate the facts: 2000 layers! 2 gbs!! I'm not sure my computer would be too happy with those numbers. :)

cathleen said...

Wow! That's amazing!