Friday, December 07, 2007

Little Things

This was done from a photo that I found funny and touching at the same time. It reminded me of my mother-in-law whose beloved little dog passed away this fall. Her love for that dog was one of the little things that make life special.
This was another demo that I just finished a few days ago for a pastel techniques illustration class.
Rembrandt and NuPastels on sanded paper

This is her little Buster that died recently. I'm so glad I did this drawing for her for Christmas two years ago.


Barbara Hagerty said...

Beautiful and emotional. So nicely done!

delaverobum said...

Great ! Really nice !

Kate said...

That is so nice. I am glad you did that portrait for her, too.

I love the top illustration. The composition and the emotion and the connection between the dog and the woman make it so interesting and nice, even though the subject matter could have been mundane if you had not executed it so well.

carla said...

This is as you say - both touching and humorous. I especially like the contrast in facial expression - she seems lissfully unaware that the dog may not be enjoying the hug as much as she is! I also love the warm tones that give the whole piece a feeling of love and happiness. I'm glad you were able to do a portrait of Buster for you aunt - it's so hard to lose an animal friend:< Beautiful work, Rick!

thefridayfrog said...

holey chubby little pug doggies! this is just gorgeous, rick! wonderful muted colors and your form on them, (her arms, her um, weighty chest) and his lopping sloppy tongue, just fantastic. you really captured something that prolly didn't happen in the photo...the way they feel about each other. very very good piece. :))

Rrramone said...


Nemo said...

Great, ery sweet! Love the dog

panikkitsvally said...

the way you've portrayed an owners love for their pet and your superb use of the medium make this such a beautiful piece!

mick mcginty said...

Hello Rick,
Great to hear from you!! I have your blog on my favorites so I'm going to do some looking for a while and I may have to leave some more comments later. The work I've see looks as good as it always has!!!
I remember the day we showed you around Hollywood. It was at the El Cyote Resturant where we had 3 or 4 too many pitchers of margaritas. The guys at the studio back then were pretty jealous of you coming in and thinking you might take away some of the better projects. You work was very impressive back then and I remember us all trying to talk you into not letting them use you like we felt we were bing used. I remember going back to the studio that night and tossing a cactus over the balcony. Pretty funny.

Stay in touch,
Mick McGinty